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Executive Board, Board, and Coordinators

Executive Board of Directors:

President:  Rich Gray

VP on Ice:  Jeff Rienke

VP off Ice & Registrar:  Tim Sett

Treasurer:  Cheri Hipenbecker

Secretary:  Pam Jones

Board of Directors

Director of Coaches:  Kevin Armbruster

Director of Safe Sport:  Joe Wilson

Director of High School:  Mike Roberts

Director of Officials:  Perry Peterson

Director of Managers:  Melissa Pawlak


Scheduling Coordinator:  Brian Brown

Recruiting Coordinator:  James Davis

Statistics Coordinator:  Reid Norris

Brewers Coordinator:  Tammy Webler

Website Coordinator:  Jon Janz

Fundraising Coordinator:  Greta Balczewski

Volunteers Coordinator:  Andrew Wozniak

SCRIP Coordinator:  Laura Philpott

Merchandise Coordinator:  Tammy Webler

Girls Program Coordinator:  Molly Larkin

Special Hockey Coordinator: Juan Rios

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