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Registration FYI

By Jon Janz, 07/01/18, 1:00PM CDT


Sports Engine has changed the registration process a little this year.  Much of what you're used to is the same, but we felt it important to highlight a few of the features unique to this year.

1.  In the shopping cart towards the end of registration, you will note an Insurance option.  This is completely optional!  Only choose this if you are concerned about recovering fees due to injury on or off the ice.

2.  If you choose the "Pay Offline" option, the shopping cart will display "Total Due" and "Due Now" with the ENTIRE season's ice fees due now.   This is in error.  Sport Engine cannot fix the verbiage to be less confusing.  If you elect to pay offline, the second payment is still due 10/31/18 and the final payment is due 1/31/19 - just like it always has.

3.  If you elect to pay offline, the billing and accounting policy noted in the registration says initial payment must be received by 8/22 whereas the email from the Secretary stated payment was due 8/15.  Since the registration documents had to be finalized before the June board meeting, please note that the correct date is 8/15.

We hope this helps avoid any confusion!