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Community Outreach

This page is dedicated to SHAW involvement in the local community

SHAW Community Outreach Program

October 15, 2013
Hi SHAW Families!
My name is Tala Clark and I am a Mite and Squirt mom. I am the coordinator of the SHAW Community Outreach program. The purpose of program is to: 1) Give back to the communities that we hail from, 2) teach our children the importance of volunteering, 3) Build team relationships and bonds outside of the rink, 4)Get to know fellow SHAW members, 5) Get SHAW's name out in the community in a positive light.
Over the summer I was busy putting together some volunteer opportunities for us to participate in as a group. Sometimes the groups will be small and might only be for a specific age, while other times they could, potentially, incorporate the whole organization. All volunteering done through the Community Outreach Program is done on your own time and does NOT count toward your SHAW volunteer commitment. However, your heart will grow two sizes! ;)
Upcoming dates:
Candy Cane Lane: Tree Wrapping
                            Saturday, Nov 23   9am   ALL AGES
                            We will be wrapping the trees for the infamous Candy Cane Lane!
                            Smaller groups may work best for this. Maybe teams would be fun!!
                            Donation Collecting: AGES 16 alone 12 w/parent or guardian
                            This is done during the operation of Candy Cane Lane. Email me for a date!
Bell Ringing:         ALL AGES (14 on your own)
                            Groups of 2 or 3 for about a 2 hour block of time. Dates can be M-Sat 9am-8pm
                            Bell ringing starts Nov. 1-Dec. 24th.
Toy Shop:             Set up:  ALL AGES (preferably 6+)
                             Monday, Dec. 9     These hours are during the day and much    
                             needed. You would set up the shop so parents can pick up
                             toys for their children. 10-15 volunteers are needed.                   
                            Pick up Day: ADULTS ONLY  
                            Saturday, December 14th 8:30-12 OR 12:30-4:30
                            Help parents pick out toys for children or package food.
                            20 volunteers needed
Thanksgiving Dinner:    ALL AGES
                            Wednesday, November 27th 5:30 pm
                            Oak creek Salvation Army serves dinner to the elderly that share the home
                            next to them. We will me serving beverages, food and dessert. Help is
                            also needed for clean up.
Sponsoring a family for Christmas   ALL AGES
                            Those who wish can donate money and/or items for the family
                            ***More on the family later
**************COMING LATE WINTER/EARLY SPRING*********
Habitat for Humanity
Hunger Clean Up
Fight for Air Climb
Blood Drive
That’s it for now!
Thanks for bearing with me through such a long email! If you, your family, or, better yet, YOUR TEAM, would like to participate in any of the events, please email me at or call me at 414-915-5804 with any questions.
Thanks again! I hope to hear from you all soon!

Tala Clark

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