Scrip Fundraising


·  Convenience - Order scrip from home or office

·  Accuracy – families can only order valid products – no wrong denominations or retailers

·  Better information – families can see their own purchase history, and the status of their orders.

·  MOST IMPORTANTLY... It reduces your ice fees.


  1. Go to the website and click on the “Getting Started” link.
  2. Register for your family account. Without registration, your order cannot be accepted for processing. When you register, you will be asked for an enrollment code. Due to fraud attempts, we can no longer publish the code online. Instead please contact Jenny directly.
  3. You are then able to place your order by making your selections.
  4. Submit your order.
  5. Orders are placed each Sunday. If you have an "emergency" order, you will need to contact the Director of Scrip directly at
  6. When your order is ready, Sheri will e-mail you. Arrangements for Scrip orders to be picked up will be made. Address information and transaction details will be sent via e-mail.  Effective 9/7/2014 Orders must be paid for by PrestoPay. Please follow the PrestoPay instructions on the website to set up your account.

Key Point to keep in mind:

The percentages shown for each type of scrip are not what SHAW uses to calculate your scrip credit. You would subtract 1% from any of the posted percentages on to determine what your actual scrip credit will be for physical scrip card purchases.   For example, Bath and Body Works may show a 9% credit on the website. However, SHAW calculates your scrip credit at 8% (e.g., 9% -1%). This is done to cover shipping costs. If this was not done, the scrip account would gradually be depleted. The exceptions to this procedure is scrip online or reload. You will receive the full value percentage listed. There is no shipping costs to cover for those purchases.

Sarah Rosario

SCRIP/ RaisedRight Coordinator

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